Who we are

Back 2 Basics offers professional solutions; merging grassroots strategies with today's evolving technologies. Being consistent and transparent allows for us to ensure clear communication to achieve personal and professional excellence. Our specialized services offer imperative tools needed in today’s job market, workplace, or business settings. Back 2 Basics leads through experience and research, offering personalized services for a competitive advantage and client exclusivity.

“The Perrine’s aren’t only amazing business advisors, they’re also amazing people. They care about what’s important in life and they have the best intentions at heart with everyone they meet. Janet and Devin are a devoted and trustworthy team. They always make time for me when I need support moving my career and goals in the right direction. The Perrine’s have helped me immensely with career advice and guidance. I truly cannot wait to see what the future holds ❤ for me. I am so thankful for the Perrine’s.”
— Melissa Bustamante, Commercial Model and International Business Student.

Who we aspire to be

Back 2 Basics aspires to be contributing members of the communities we serve, focusing on quality versus quantity. Individual client relationships, which are authentic and mutually beneficial, are key to ensuring each client feels as if they are the only client. We value and embrace technology, yet understand the importance of the human connection. With this being said, we want to assist anyone who needs support to reach their desired level of excellence.

If Back 2 Basics can not help you, we will find someone who can; or at least point you in the right direction.


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