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“The Perrine’s aren’t only amazing business advisors, they’re also amazing people. They care about what’s important in life and they have the best intentions at heart with everyone they meet. Janet and Devin are a devoted and trustworthy team. They always make time for me when I need support moving my career and goals in the right direction. The Perrine’s have helped me immensely with career advice and guidance. I truly cannot wait to see what the future holds ❤ for me. I am so thankful for the Perrine’s.”
— Melissa Bustamante, Commercial Model and International Business Student.

“Devin and I served as volunteers on a nonprofit board of directors together in Arizona. We joined the board at a very pivotal time for this nonprofit organization. Our goal was united; to help the nonprofit soccer club run efficiently as a small business. Devin exhibited authentic leadership qualities, which lead him to be elected by the board to a Vice President position. During our Board meetings, I could always rely on Devin to provide thoughtful ideas and during our tenure on the Board, Devin exhibited excellent business ethics. Janet was serving as a volunteer team manager and also took on the additional responsibility of fundraising for the club. Together, Devin and Janet elevated the nonprofit’s annual revenue in a short amount of time. They are a passionate and trustworthy team and their contributions were appreciated by many.”
— Seth Marty, Former Board Member, Arizona Soccer Club.

“I met Janet Perrine almost 20 years ago. She was a young Marketing Director at the Assisted Living facility where I was a first-time Executive Director. I knew I needed a standout Marketing Director to make this soon to open facility successful. After meeting Janet, I was afraid she probably could not fulfill my expectations; I was so wrong. Janet had ideas I thought would never work, however her creativity, interaction with healthcare professionals, and compassion for the elderly brought awareness of the necessity of our facility in the fast-growing town. Because of Janet’s community outreach, our census goals never faltered. I soon met Devin and over time, I realized that he was her encourager. He believed in her and she believed in him. I knew they were perfect for each other. They are never self-promoting and strive to make others feel important. I am blessed to know them.”
— Pam Eley Morrell, Assisted Living Consultant

“Janet has been a treasure to work with. She offers a unique partnership and platform to help grow my business as a freelance artist. She cares about each individual she works with and wants to help grow revenue through the right channels.”
— Martin Riley, Freelance Artist

“I had the opportunity to work with Devin and Janet in a volunteer capacity with numerous fundraising projects for a nonprofit soccer club in Arizona. With their fresh ideas, they created new avenues for fundraising that our membership looked forward to on an annual basis. Devin and Janet’s dedication and passion is unwavering.”
— Cecy Gonzalez, Team Manager Liaison and Volunteer Coordinator

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