Our Story

“We are fruitful as a couple because we acknowledge we are imperfect individuals; individuals who constantly communicate – the good, the bad, the ugly. We are two people with joint and singular goals. Devin and I realize there is no such thing as perfect. It’s ok to strive for perfection; however, we have found embracing imperfections help us to constantly evolve as people. This (embracing imperfections) and constant communication is the root of our success. Together, we are excited to help others strengthen or develop their own personal and/or professional foundation.”
— Janet Perrine

The Perrine’s have built a solid foundation for overall happiness. Meeting in 1998, Devin and Janet have supported each other through progressive careers, personal triumphs and painful life tragedies.


Janet Perrine comes from humble beginnings where food stamps, welfare, and uncertainty was the norm. At an early age, Janet knew she wanted more for her life and an education would be important. At 17, she ventured out on her own. Janet held three part-time jobs her senior year of high school to support herself. Although hardships prevented her family from attending her graduation; in 1994 Janet proudly walked with her high school class and graduated with high marks. After attending medical assisting school, she went on to become a diverse healthcare professional and continued her education at Berkeley College in New Jersey. Janet held roles as a Medical Assistant, Career Advisor, Marketing Representative, Account Manager, and Sales Director. Embracing her roots and passion for helping others, Janet has devoted her time to various nonprofit organizations. Her contributions have raised awareness and thousands of dollars for numerous nonprofits in North Carolina and Arizona.

Janet and Devin Perrine with their daughters.

Janet and Devin Perrine with their daughters.

In 2004 Janet took some personal time off to transition into one of her most rewarding roles - a mom. Feeling compelled to contribute financially to her family, Janet returned to the workforce. From 2005 – 2017 she held well regarded positions as a Publisher, Admissions Director, Director of Community Outreach, and Marketing Director. She managed everything from grassroots marketing, public relations, budgets, sales training, media relations, and operational functions. In 2013, Janet made the decision to become self-employed. Simultaneously, she enjoyed a full-time, revenue generating volunteer position for an Arizona 501 (c) 3; while furthering her education at Arizona State University. In 2017, Janet and Devin relocated to Saint Augustine, Florida with their two children.

With entrepreneurial spirits, coupled with the desire to help others achieve their own personal and professional excellence, Janet and Devin decided to start Back 2 Basics Consulting in the summer of 2018.

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Devin Perrine grew up as part of a working-class family in central New Jersey. His father worked for the same company for over 30 years. The longevity that Devin’s father had with his company was something to admire, however, is almost extinct in today’s workforce. Devin spent all of his childhood in the same home. His hometown, then small, was a place where everyone knew one another. “I grew up in a very stable environment. I did not experience the “real world” until I traveled 700 miles from home to attend college in 1992.” Devin was awarded an Academic Scholarship to attend Winthrop University in Rock Hill, SC. After graduating college, Devin returned to New Jersey and at the age of 22, became a Practice Manager for an occupational health clinic. He was responsible for the entire clinic’s operations including: managing a team of physicians, nurses, medical assistants, office staff, and sales personnel. In 2001, Devin became a medical device sales representative. Over the last 18 years Devin has received many awards and promotions. Highlights include being with his current company for over 14 years, responsible for $30 Million annual revenue, managing 1/3 of the company’s sales force, and numerous years ranked as the number 1 rep and number 1 region in country. Devin has also volunteered his time as a youth soccer coach, Board Member for 501( c ) 3, and elected Vice President of the Board for the same nonprofit.

“As part owner of Back 2 Basics Consulting I am able to assist other individuals, small businesses, and non-profits find gaps in their current systems and systematically fill in those gaps with a fresh set of eyes and utilize tools that have been proven to work.”
— Devin Perrine

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